The Founders

From left to right: Malaika Flenory, Tecia Sellers, and Desiree Cocroft
Co-founder Highlights
Tecia Sellers, Artistic Director
Tecia Sellers offers an excellent example of Christian leadership, community development, and personal growth. In her thirteen years of dancing experience, Ms. Sellers has participated in the Unity in the Community, and the hip-hop influenced ZOE and Blood Related, dance ministries. She held a leadership role with Unity in the Community early in her dancing career. Sellers also served as dance coordinator for Alpha Omega Steppers for Christ at Howard University in Washington, D.C. Along with being the Artistic Director of Signature, Ms. Sellers also oversees the adult dance ministry at Christian Faith Fellowship Church. Her dancing career has allowed her opportunities to dance on programs with Cross Movement, Da T.R.U.T.H., BB Jay, T. Bone, Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, and many more well-known gospel artists.

Desiree Cocroft, Company Director
Desiree Cocroft began dancing at the age of eight in classes with the Ko-Thi African Dance Company of Milwaukee, WI. As she matured, she continued to actively cultivate her dancing skills through creative movement, modern and hip-hop dance classes at post-secondary and collegiate levels. Some of Ms Cocroft’s formal dance experience includes membership in the Milwaukee Washington Dance Team, Feet of Praise Dance Ministry , and Psalms 149 Dance Group. Desiree also took formal ballet and modern classes as electives at Hampton University and the Danceworks studio to continue to develop her technique. Her biggest accomplishment in developing her dance technical skills will be at the culmination of her training at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee this June 2010. She will have completed her BA in Dance with a specialization in modern.
Furthermore, educationally, Ms. Cocroft has received both her Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration from Hampton University in December of 2002, as well as her Masters in Business Administration in December 2003. In 2004, Desiree and two of her friends, Malaika Flenory and Tecia Sellers, decided to begin Signature Dance Company. Their desire was to combine dance technique with the Christian ministry of dance.
Though Desiree has been employed by a number of professional and youth-serving organizations for work with youth and business administration, Desiree still continues to use her gift in dance to teach youth within and outside of Signature Dance Company for organizations like Milwaukee College Prep, Agape Community Center, and Darrell Lynn Hines Academy.

Malaika Flenory, Assistant Director
Malaika Flenory attended the Lion of Judah School of Dance. Ms. Flenory has been dancing for fourteen years and continually strives to use her leadership skills and dancing experience to contribute to youth development. She was the Youth Dance ministry leader at Foundation of Prayer Church several years ago and recently resigned from years of directing Destiny Style, the youth dance team at Christian Faith Fellowship Church in Milwaukee, WI. Ms. Flenory was the overseer of the dance component of Blood Related Hip Hop Ministries. She also participated in a dance group called New Wine which disassembled some years ago. In recent years, Ms. Flenory has traveled to Texas to teach a dance workshop and instructed a group of youth at a Milwaukee-area YMCA. Currently, Ms. Flenory takes dance classes at Danceworks to continuously improve in her gift.